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Hello… My name is George Briere and I am the creator and Author of GeorgeBriere.com. The Beautiful lady you see in this picture is my beautiful fiance Merissa, unless of course you are reading this after July 29th, 2011 because on that date she will become my beautiful wife. Everything about this woman is beautiful and she is the main reason why I continue to be a leader and continue to kick BUTT in the MLM/Online Marketing industry!

You see, I love the MLM/Online Marketing industry and the financial and time freedom it has created for my family. If this is the same reason why you got into the industry or why you are looking into this industry? I can tell you we have much in common. I have been totally FREE from my J.O.B. since January 8, 2008 and we have been having a blast ever since! But I have to tell you it didn’t happen over night for me. My experience in this industry was NOT always FUN that’s for sure. My goal for this page is to give you a quick glimpse of my introduction to the industry and also allow you to understand that if I can make six digits per year in this industry. SO CAN YOU!!

The year was 1993 I had just got honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corp. Bravo Co 1/3 Wpns Plt to be exact! I had a GI bill to use and no career path I was passionate about. Does this sound familiar? I was always envious of the people who knew exactly what career path they wanted to go down. Some of my friends from High School knew exactly what they wanted to do and many of those friends are successful Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners etc. today. But as for myself I had no clue. All I knew is that I wanted to make money and travel the world. In fact, when I went and talked to the Marine Recruiter for the first time he asked me the same thing, “So George, tell me, what is that you want to do with your life?” and my answer was just that, “I want to make some money and travel the world” needless to say he recruited me based on that answer. Sure I made some money (not much) and I did travel the world. The Marine Corp took me around the world, I experienced other cultures and made some lifelong friends!

Every year myself and a core group of Marine buddy’s from back in the day rent a house on Myrtle Beach and kick back for a week and reminisce and continue our lifelong bond. And thanks to Social Media, our group keeps growing…We started out with 4 of us in 2003 to 9 of us in 2011.

Our Annual Reunion Myrtle Beach, SC June 2011

Life Long Brothers Myrtle Beach, SC June 2011

I have no regrets about my experience in the Marine Corp for the fact that I met my brothers for life! Sure it sucked waking up in mud puddles and experiencing the wrath of war! My unit did help liberate Kuwait in 1991 and the things we seen and experienced over there will never leave our memories and the bond we created will be forever!

Steve Martin & Me - USO Tour - Saudi Arabia 1990

So with my Marine Corp background I enrolled in college in the Criminal Justice program (me a cop? ya right), not because I was passionate about becoming a police officer but because I knew that it would be a secure career path. After all, my entire life it was preached to me to get an education and get a secure job. In the back of my mind I still knew that I wanted to gain complete control of my time and make a ton of money some how, some way, some day. I just didn’t know what path I was going to take yet. I was going to college and working full time as a Craps and Poker dealer at the local casino. After 1 year in school I realized that getting a JOB was not my answer to time and financial freedom. So needless to say, I dropped out of college and continued working at the casino thinking about what kind of business I was going to start? Why my own business? Because I didn’t want to have a boss. Life is too short to have someone telling you what to do. The thought of exchanging hours for dollars during the best hours of the day and not to mention the best years of my life to only retire broke and live on a fixed income, quite frankly, that scared the heck out of me.

I looked into some Brick and Mortar businesses and soon realized I didn’t have the capital to go that direction. Then one day back in 1995 my Mom introduced me to Network Marketing. I will never forget the phone call I got from her and the excitement in her voice, all she said was this, “George, I found a business where we can make a bunch of money and by the way, I a made your favorite!! Lasagna!”. It was a Tuesday evening around 7pm when I got to her house and sure enough, when I walked in the door I could feel the excitement…I could also smell the lasagna. I remember thinking how funny it was that my Uncle Richard was wearing a suit and tie, but it made sense I guess because the 2 other gentlemen, who I had ever seen before, were also wearing suit and ties….these guys were vibrating with excitement! I had never seen my Uncle Richard smile so big! I am pretty sure he was elevated off the floor and floating around the room. I had no idea what I was in store for.

One of the gentleman, his name was Kelly, (This guy quit a few months after I joined) stood up in the front of the room and started talking about Dreams, fast cars, big houses and unlimited travel and then he started to draw circles on his white board and introduced me to the wonderful theory of leverage and residual income. I say theory, because at this time it was just a theory and not a reality in my life. Well, to make a long story short, I got excited. After I finished my lasagna, Kelly loaded me down with some cassette tapes that he thought I should listen to before our follow up appointment 48 hours later. Driving home that night I popped in one of those tapes and I was hooked! and that was it, I found what I was looking for to create that time and financial freedom, I mean, all I needed to do was fine 3 and I would be free. (Little did I know how hard it was going to be to find 3.) I joined Amway and got started on my journey.

After 3 1/2 years I was not having fun. I had accumulated about $6,000.00 in credit card debt from buying products, tapes, books and attending seminars/rally and major functions all over the country. Don’t get me wrong, I worked my ass off. I showed the plan 15-30 times per month and personally sponsored around 40 people in the Amway business (can you imagine the rejection I experienced) and had a total group of almost 100 and that was generating a little over 4000 volume per month. Did I tell you that I was the only one in my group showing the plan? After 3 1/2 years my biggest month in Amway was around $1100.00 and that was before I paid my downline, delivered their products and ordered my products and tools for that month. I look back and think how on earth did I stick with Amway for so long? Who in their right mind would do that? Well I did! lol

No really, I don’t regret my time in Amway. I loved those tapes and books…I gobbled every single one of those tapes and books up as soon as I received them. Dexter’s system trained me to be an unstoppable sales man, that’s for sure! It taught me so much about personal development and people skills that by applying these skills I landed me a JOB as an account executive for a 5 radio station group in the Upper Peninsula. I worked my way up in that company, I was an expansion to the sales department which means I had no sales list, so I had to go out and build my sales list from scratch.

Six years after starting my career in the radio industry I was managing the entire sales department. I was making pretty good money and I have to tell you I got comfortable. My radio career lasted for 12 years and it was a great gig, had lots of fun, worked with some cool people and the perks were unmatched! But the entire time I never forgot about the Dream of creating residual income and achieving total time and financial freedom. Even though I liked my JOB, I still had an alarm clock and my income was capped.

Ok…Im going to speed this story up…..lol

After Amway I didn’t touch Network Marketing for 4 years. Then in 2002 I decided to give it another shot, this time with the internet. During this time all I did was purchase leads from lead generation company’s and burned up the phone lines, calling them and sending them to an online presentation…from 2002 – 2006 I joined 6 other network marketing companies and achieved minimal success and minimal duplication, in fact ZERO duplication! Does this sound familiar by chance? You see, I thought I needed the right company or product to succeed! I know I know, crazy right? December 2006 I discovered attraction marketing and how to do my own lead generation and the rest is history.

In January 2008 the radio station I was working for hit some tough economic times and they laid me off. They had to, they didn’t have enough money in the bank to pay my commission. That month my Network Marketing company paid me almost $7000.

I was excited because I didn’t have to go on unemployment or find another job and haven’t had a job since.

We Went To Disney Land....

In fact in 2008 I earned 3 incentive trips with the company I was with at that time. We qualified for a 7 day Caribbean Cruise and a 5 day trip to Hawaii, I brought my Dad on that one. That year we also qualified for a luxurious trip to Napa Valley because we were in the top 4 business builders in that company.

My Dad and My Shiny Head on the Big Island of Hawaii 10-17-08

Top Achievers Club 2008

Give me a call sometime and let me know what is working for you in your Home Based Business. More importantly, If what you are doing is not working for you in your business, drop what your doing and call me right now.

Rock On!

Sturgis - 2010

George Briere
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