SystemWUN Release Webinar For WakeUpNow – February 9th, 2014

Official Launch of the SystemWUN Tool Suite and Training

$25. This is what a REAL Value Proposition Should Look Like

No affiliate fees.

No hidden fees.

No hosting fees.

No egos. Servant Driven Leadership, Unabashed.

No outside Autoresponder required
(unless you want to plug in your Aweber or GetResponse)

    Only $25 per month for:


YES. Multiple Lead Capture Pages you can edit.

YES. SMS Text Autoresponder and Mobile Marketing Platform.

YES. Built In Autoresponder that works.

YES. Integrated with Aweber and GetResponse.

YES. WordPress Blog. Widgets, Plugins & Themes.

YES. I said a real wordpress blog.

YES. I said with real plugins, themes and widgets.

YES. Blog with Domain Mapping. No bans. Ever.

I know, right?

It’s all good. One Love.

YES. Built In Webinar/Hangout Platform.

YES. Social Media Management and Automation.

YES. Refer 3 at $25 and Receive $100 Bonus into WakeUpNow!


SystemWUN Launch for WakeUpNow with George Briere

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90 Day Internet Income Challenge -MyPC Backup – Vault Offers Residual Income

I created this video that explains the new MyPc Backup commission structure within the 90 day internet income challenge!

For more information on the 90 day internet income challenge, mypc backup and vault offers go ahead and visit:

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OUT With ZNZ and IN with MyPC Backup!

When I first learnded that znz was being taken out of Paul Birdsall’s 90 day internet income challenge I have to tell you, I was a little sad. I was a little sad because I had earned over $40,000 since January with ZNZ. The problem with ZNZ is people had to try all of these different trial offers before they qualified to get paid. Well I have to tell you that it is way simpler to get qualified to get paid with MyPC Backup as the offer. I made this video that will explain why I like MyPC Backup better than ZNZ. Can you say, “Show Me The Money?”

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So, What are you up to these days?

I get asked that question pretty much on a daily basis. Just yesterday I was at my sister-in-law Holly’s track meet in Escanaba and ran into many old friends from days past…many of them I went to school with, it was nice seeing these old friends and catching up with a few of them while watching the track meet. Holly Blowers actually won the 1 mile and the 200 yard dash and not only did she win, she broke the school record in both races. Yes, my wife’s sis can run! I haven’t been to a track meet in years and it was great connecting with so many old friends there…I can’t wait to go to another one! It’s funny, everyone that I talked to asked me this one question in one form or another, “so what are you up to these days?” which means that they are asking me what is it that I do for a living, right? That’s how I always take it anyways…. but I have to tell you that my reply is always something like this…”I have an internet business, we specialize in helping people learn how to earn money from home.” I enjoy the looks that I get with that response. I always follow up with this question, “so what are you up to these days?” and about 95% of the time I get one of these two responses… “Well, I’m still working at so & so, been there about 14 years and it sucks” or “Just got laid off and looking for a job and it sucks!” well something along those lines anyways…Needless to say, I may have to call a couple of these old friends up and let them know that they do have a choice!

So, can you really make money online? Yes you can! There are literally thousands and thousands of people making money from home! and get this….there are new six digit income earners being created every single day! How do I know? well, because I am one and just this month we have helped 2 other people create a six digit per year income alone….and that is just little old us! not only that, I earned my wife a new BMW and 2 people that we are helping earned a BMW in the past week alone! so YES you can make money from home! I have tested many money making online systems, I have used many money making online systems and I have even created a few money making online systems in my day, but I haven’t been part of anything that is working so effectively for so many people than this money making online system! CLICK HERE TO TAKE A PEAK!

I decided to create this post and put up some videos from some of our team members that we are helping make money from home. What’s better than social proof right? Take a peak and make sure to like, share and comment on this post! I would really appreciate your love!

Stuart Grunert crusssshing it from home in Canada eh?

Henry Fornet is crusssshhhhing it from home!

Godsave Tichadini my main crusssshhher from Miami!

Charles Butler from LA!

Alec Herring is a Cheese head Crusssssher from Madison!

Nik “the kid” Krawley!

Angie Krebs from Canada Eh?

El Nino Torchia

Team C & C from Canada

Grant Fluhr

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Global Income Alliance Has A Professional Sales Department Closing All Of Your Sales!

When your in the trenches building your home based business like I am, you are bound to hear from potential home business partners this one very POPULAR excuse for not succeeding from home and that excuse is this…. I HATE TO SELL, I CAN’T SELL, I AM NOT A SALESPERSON….BLAH BLAH BLAH. Well, in reality we are all sales people and we are all selling all of the time. Think about it, have you ever tried to get your kids to brush their teeth before bedtime or maybe to eat their broccoli? Of course you have, unless of course you don’t have children…maybe you talked your friend into going to a movie that you wanted to see instead of that chick flick they wanted to see? It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get your kids to do something they may not have wanted to do at first or a friend to go with you somewhere that they might not have wanted to go to at first, you had to sell them to come your way on an issue….you see, we are all sales people even if we don’t consider ourselves sales people…Wouldn’t you agree that you don’t have to be a used sales car sales person to get your kids to eat their broccoli? Nothing against used car sales people, but you get the point. We are all sales people! So stop with the Excuses would ya?

Ok Ok Ok….so what is the point of this post? My point is that for all the people out there who want to succeed from home but don’t think that they can because they have the EXCUSE I am not a sales person…well, you don’t have to be with the Global Income Alliance Home Franchise because Global Income Alliance has a professional Sales Department closing all of the sales for you. If you are wanting to build a home based business and don’t like to sell, then you really need to take a serious look at the Global Income Alliance!

Global Income Alliance has taken the internet by storm and is now considered the premier home based business online today! I made this video for you that will explain the GIA professional sales department a little better for you!

If you would like to get more information on the Global Income Alliance and work directly with me please sign up for a free consultation here!

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Global Income Alliance Creates Hope For Thousands Of Struggling Marketers!

Definition of Internet Marketing Newbies : Any internet marketer regardless of time spent online, who’s been attempting to make money online without having any success.

You don’t have to be new to internet marketing to be considered an internet newbie! I talk to people everyday who are internet newbies and some of these newbies have been struggling to turn a dime for years. Why does this happen so frequently? Why do so many marketers fail when it comes to learning this internet marketing stuff? One of the main reasons why so many Internet Newbies struggle is because of information overload. They fall for every single bright shiny object that they see… know all of the push button super duper secret software crap that is online. They jump from one MLM company to the next thinking that if they just find the perfect MLM company and the perfect software that they will finally achieve their dreams and be living the high life. You know, make that 5 digit income per month so they can move to Costa Rico and hang out with David Wood! They don’t realize that David Wood took massive action and made it happen. I guarantee that David Wood did not fall for any super duper secret software! But enough about David Wood….

Recently the new online franchise Global Income Alliance has taken the internet by storm! In fact, Internet Newbies are finally making money. You see these internet newbies are not going to be internet newbies for long because the Global Income Alliance is turning them into Internet Marketing super stars!

How can this happen?

It’s rather simple really…you see with the Global Income Alliance internet newbies earn while they learn. With this online franchise members actually start to see results in their business while they are learning the important skills to help them achieve David Wood type Success…with Global Income Alliance internet newbies are turning into Internet Gurus within a short period of time.

I created this video that explains this a little more. Please like, comment and share this post!!! but only if you feel compelled to do so….

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Global Income Alliance Does The Internet Marketing For You!

What is the #1 reason why 98% of people who start their own online business fail?

Have you guessed it yet? If not, I’ll tell you, Internet MARKETING is the #1 reason why 98% of internet newbies fail online. This is why I like referring everyone, especially internet newbies to the Global Income Alliance Online Franchise! It’s a ‘True’ Online Franchise which means you will have a proven track to run on! The Franchise will do the marketing for you!

Our members at the Global Income Alliance EARN WHILE THEY LEARN!!!!

The #1 benefit to the Global Income Alliance is that they have a professional marketing team that does the internet marketing for you. Now don’t get me wrong here, this is only one of many benefits of the Global Income Alliance Franchise but it’s not the only benefit! You see, the team over at GIA also will train you on how to do the internet marketing yourself! I know I know, some of you reading this article might be thinking to yourself “why would I need to learn this internet marketing stuff if Global Income Alliance is going to do it for me?” and my answer to these people is this….. Because once you learn how to do it yourself! The world turns into your oyster! You can literally write your own paycheck!

Granted many people won’t take the time or literally don’t have the time to learn internet marketing (EXCUSE) so the Global Income Alliance Franchise is perfect for these people! and for the people who want to learn how to make the world their oyster by learning internet marketing, Global Income Alliance franchise is for them.

Please watch, like, comment and share this video that explains this a little better….

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Don’t Be Scared of Yahoo MSN Bing PPC Advertising

Back on September 8th, 2011 I dove into Yahoo/MSN Bing PPC advertising for the first time and I have to tell you it is not as hard or expensive as you may think. I remember back in 2006 when I first did PPC on Google for the first time. I didn’t really have a grasp on what I was doing and I have to tell you that I invested $300 my first month and didn’t have much to show for it. It wasn’t until I plugged into a PPC marketing specialist that taught me a few things that I started to have success using Google PPC. Once I figured it out, it was alot of fun actually. In 2007 I was generating 100’s of leads per week for my Primary business and was the #1 Recruiter in the United Stated in my 53 year old wellness company. Let’s fast forward to 2009 when some of us experienced the Google Slap…Many Online marketers lost most of their online lead generation because they were committed to doing nothing but Google PPC. As for myself, I started implementing other marketing strategies because I was so frustrated with Google. I could not get any of my ads approved and I finally said heck with ppc advertising. Well I have to tell you, I am kicking my self for not going to Yahoo/Bing sooner. The truth of the matter was that I never use Yahoo or Bing to do searches so I didn’t think many other people did either, I know stupid right! If you do some research Yahoo/Bing contributes to about 30% of all searches done online which translates into a great place to be advertising.

And guess what? It is easy as hell to get going using msn ppc. I created this video to show you a little glimpse!

So that’s it, I guess you will have to dive into the ppc world on yahoo and bing to see if it is a fit for you. I have to tell you that you can get going with a small budget and you can start getting clicks for as low as 3 cents. Of course you need to do some keyword research and come up with a strategy which the My Partner In Profit Online Franchise System teaches you in the marketing guide. And of course if your on my team I will help you all that I can.

Your Success Coach,

George Briere

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My Partner In Profit Online Franchise System Does Create A Predictable Income

Hello Friends,

I have been using the My Partner In Profit (MyPIP) System for a little over a month now. I have been achieving phenomenal results thus far. People ask me all of the time…How do you achieve such great results in your business?


I would have to say I get such great results using the My Partner in Profit (MyPIP) System is because I take action. In fact, I take massive action
every single day in my business. I treat my business as a professional. Do you treat your business like a professional or do you treat your business like a hobby? You need to think long and hard about that. Just think if you treated your business like you treat your job….and what do I mean when I say that. Well, what if you just showed up for your business. You need to show up for your job if you want to get paid, this same thing applies for your business. You need to show up in your business if you want to get paid.

Check out this video that I created that shows you how I created a predictable income within 30 days of using this

Make sure to sign up for your Free My Partner In Profit (MyPIP) and kick the tires!

Your Success Coach,

George Briere

“Answering Struggling Marketers Phone Calls Since 2006″

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My Partner In Profit (MyPIP) vs My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

Hi Friends,

I keep getting questions about what funded proposal system I like better MyPIP or MLSP? People ask me this question all of the time because I just happen to be on the leader boards in both systems. You see it goes back to June 2011 when I decided to look at MLSP. I had been getting bombarded by people promoting MLSP to me for years and I finally broke down and took a look to see what the heck was going on over there. And what I found was that the MLSP system offers some great training on Attraction marketing…In fact, My Lead System Pro System teaches the Attraction Marketing theory better than most. They have a very intensive training library that will teach you everything you need to know to become the best attraction marketer you can be.

Not only that, but MLSP is also a generic funded proposal that will help you build your Primary opportunity. Again, they do teach you the theory on how to build your Primary business with their system. If you are a member over there, than you may know what I’m talking about. If your not a member over there, then go and take a test run, it will only cost you $9.99 for 14 days. But beware…you are going to receive lots of information and if you have ever experienced information overload before…well, we will just leave it at that. If you know anything at all about attraction marketing…do you really feel that it is a great way to duplicate success in your MLM business? Well it can be if you are skilled enough to recruit other attraction marketers to your team. Which is a very very small pond to fish in. Lot’s of attraction marketing novices out there, not too many attraction marketers having success out there. But with that being said, the marketers out there that have attraction marketing figured out are having massive success.

I created this video below to talk to you about why I chose MyPIP to duplicate success in my Primary opportunity.

Talk Soon,

George Briere

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